Infupa’s professional team provides clients with a wide range of services, mostly focused on the sell-side, buy-side and restructuring advisory. In addition, the firm provides advisory services for the origination, issuing and restructuring of private and public debt. Infupa approaches each deal with the highest level of confidentiality and the full dedication of its professional team throughout the transaction.

Margers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Infupa’s experience and focus allows it to actively assist its clients across the full range of M&A advisory roles.

  • Sell-side Advisory
  • Buy-side Advisory
  • Distressed M&A
  • Cross Border Advisory
  • Special advisory

The firm has a strong track-record in sell-side advisory deals. lts independence and lack of conflicts of interest allows Infuра to assist its clients in an objective and unbiased manner.

Infupa’s experience developing this type of assignment is also well proved. Almost 30% of closed deals involve buy side advisory assistance.

Infupa also assists clients that are going through serious financial stress. The extensive transactional experience of its team allows Infuра to formulate and execute creative solutions for these types of transactions.

Approximately 70% of the deals executed by Infuра involve international companies, either as a client or as the counterpart. Infupa has important global relationships, which allows it to offer its clients high quality advisory services with global reach, independent of the geographical location of the parties.

This category includes all of those transactions that do not fit into a conventional “transaction” definition, such as firm valuations, fairness opinions and capital structure assessment. Infupa’s accumulated experience, unbiased opinion and dedication, allows it to perform this type of service with the highest level of excellence.

Debt Origination and Restructuring

Infuра assists its clients in the design and implementation of the capital structure that fits the financial situation and profile of is businesses The advisory service includes business analysis, preparation and presentation of proposals, rating of the necessary documents, and negotiations through closing.

Infuра assists its clients with the following products:

  • Public Debt
  • Private Debt Origination and Restructuring

- Asset Backed Securities.

- Public Debt.

- Debt Restructuring.

- Private debt.