About Us

Leadership and Experience

With a track record of more than 35 yeаrs, Infuрa’s main strength is its experienced and consolidated professional team. This M&A team, the largest in Argentina, consist of a highly talented group of professionals committed to excellence.


Infupa does not belong to any financial institution. The firm does not perform trading, research, asset management or private equity activities. This independence allows Infupa to provide conflict-free, objective, and client-focused advice.


Infupa’s expertise is in the execution of M&A deals related to companies located in Argentina and Uruguay, 50% of which involve international clients, counterparts and/or shareholders. Infupa’s focus and experience translates into a deep understanding of all legal, economic, and financial aspects of a transaction, as well as who are the main players with interests in the region.n.

Integrity and Commitment

The integrity, dedication and professionalism of Infupa’s people are their main strengths. Former client recommendations are the basis of most of our new deal flow, further highlighting the level of excellence in both the work and commitment of Infupa’s professional team.